Colorado Edition: Resilience to Ukrainian Church Service; Colorado’s decision to offer optional public insurance; black cowboy history

Colorado shows its support for the Ukrainian people. The state Capitol will be lit in blue and yellow this week, the colors of the Ukrainian flag, and Governor Jared Polis recently wrote a letter to the US State Department advising it that Colorado is ready to welcome refugees. . The local Ukrainian community also stands in solidarity with their families and friends back home. Colorado Edition’s Erin O’Toole and Tess Novotny visited a church in northwest Denver yesterday to hear from some of those in attendance.

In the continuing quest to lower the cost of health care and make health insurance more affordable, some proponents are pushing for what is known as the “public option” – a plan designed by the government and made available alongside private health care plans. A handful of states, including Colorado, are working to create their own public option plans in the coming months. They can seek guidance from Washington State, which rolled out its own public option in 2020. Markian Hawryluk, senior Colorado correspondent for Kaiser Health News, joins us to talk about his reporting on the Washington experience. and lessons from their deployment that other states can learn.

Cowboys played a crucial role in the colonization of the West and the establishment of American Western culture. But you might not know that one in three cowboys was black. In February of last year, Tess Novotny of Colorado Edition wanted to learn more about the history of black cowboys in Colorado. We listen to his conversation with Eliese Clark, a volunteer historian at the Black American West Museum in Denver.

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