Governor Mike DeWine shows support for Ukraine at church service in Parma

PARMA, Ohio — Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and his wife Fran attended the Sunday morning church service at St. Andrew’s Ukrainian Church in Parma to show their support for the Ukrainian people as Russia continues its attack.

On Saturday, DeWine signed a proclamation declaring Sunday, Feb. 27, an Ohio Day of Prayer for the Ukrainian people as his country responds to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

The church was filled with parishioners praying for family and friends in Ukraine. Ohio is home to approximately 40,000 Ukrainians, of whom more than 4,000 live in Parma.

After the service in Ukrainian conducted by St. Andrew’s pastor Father Ihor Kasiyan, Kasiyan switched to English introducing Governor DeWine, who came to the altar and spoke briefly to the parishioners.

DeWine offered prayers for the people of Ukraine and what he called their “vibrant democracy.” He said “every Ohioan and American,” whether or not they have personal ties to Ukraine, “must care deeply about what is happening in Ukraine today.”

DeWine also called on President Joe Biden “to extend any help, any military assistance that we can give to people who are fighting for their freedom.”

DeWine said: “I think it’s also important that the man who caused this – Putin – understands that there will be consequences, there will be a price to pay for this.”