Police stop church service to ensure parishioners wear masks

PERTH, Australia (WTVO) – Police halted a Catholic Mass in Australia on Thursday after receiving a tip that some parishioners may be violating a COVID-19 mask mandate.

According to news from heaven, police interrupted evening mass at St. Bernadette’s Catholic Church in Mount Hawthorn, Perth.

Masks must currently be worn in all indoor public spaces in Perth and Regions of Peel.

“During their presence, five people were questioned by the police and agreed to wear a mask. One person has provided proof of an exemption,” a police spokesperson said.

“It’s really disturbing to see the liturgy you love being stopped by the police,” said a parishioner who gave Matthew his name. “I mean I’ve never seen anything like it and I don’t think many people have seen it, certainly not in this country.”

Matthew went on to say that worshipers were ‘stunned’ by the action, saying a policeman entered the church and ordered the mass to be stopped because law enforcement had received reports making state of people not wearing a mask.

The parish priest, Father Doug, later wrote on social media: “Heavy fines for the parish priest, our parish and individuals will be incurred if you are caught not wearing your mask. Please cooperate with this request to avoid any complications.