SHS students whipped for refusing to attend church service

General news for Tuesday, May 10, 2022



A bruised arm of one of the students whipped

Some students at Annor Adjaye Higher Secondary School (SHS) in Jomoro Municipality, West Region, were whipped last Sunday, May 8, 2022, by their teachers for refusing to attend religious services .

The students, made up of Christians and Muslims, got a brutal shock of their lives when a decision was made by the school management to have them whipped mercilessly.

Some of them who spoke with Class91.3FM’s western regional correspondent said they had their buttocks, arms and backs lacerated from the flogging.

Recounting the ordeal he suffered at the hands of a teacher, one of the students said he could not sit up because of his bruised buttocks.

According to him, he was boxed for being late for church.

“I was whipped for being late to church,” he said, crying.

The students alleged that the teachers whipped them as if they were armed robbers who had been caught in the act.

They noted that this was a high school where students were free to choose which religion they wanted to belong to and therefore wondered why they should be punished for it.