These ‘Worst Church Service Ever Attended’ Stories Are Horrifying

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Sometimes, if you want to hear an interesting story, all you need is the right prompt. And this one on twitterasking people to share the worst church service they’ve ever attended was enough to inspire them to share all sorts of disturbing anecdotes.

There are so many answers that it’s hard to share them all, but I can group most of them into a few basic categories…

Pastor :

The underlying beliefs:

Hate and hypocrisy:

What’s interesting about the answers is how many of the answers involve self-inflicted hurt by church leaders. Many of the speakers would probably have stayed in their churches, but something happened that pushed them out. They weren’t atheists. It wasn’t something in the Bible. It was a choice made religious leaders. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Will any church leaders learn from these answers? Probably not. Their loss.