‘True hero’: Pastor tackles gun-toting man during church service and pins him to the ground

A church pastor has received praise online after shooting dead a gunman, who interrupted services and brandished a gun at Nashville Light Mission Pentecostal Church in the United States.

Video of the incident, which has now gone viral on social media, shows a man standing up as the service is about to end and waving a gun at the congregation as he walks down the aisle. It was then that Pastor Ezekiel Ndikumana, who understood the gravity of the situation, discreetly moved behind the shooter and tackled him to the ground.

“He walked quickly and got on the altar and pulled out his gun,” Pastor Ndikumana told NewsChannel 5. to pass. And he pointed a gun at us and I thought we were already dead. The pastor knew he had to act fast. “It was either to die or to catch him so he wouldn’t hurt anyone,” the pastor added.

Watch the video here:

The church leader further said that the shooter remained throughout the service and towards the end stood up and waved the gun, adding that he was grateful to God that no one was hurt, reported the news site.

According to an NBC report, the suspect, identified as Dezire Baganda, was not a member of the Church but had previously attended a service. The 26-year-old was charged with 15 counts of aggravated assault, the report added.

Since being shared online, the video has gone viral on social media with many praising the pastor and calling him a “true hero”.